DEEP DIVE + Azure Management PREVIEW: Office 365 Analytics

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This article shows you how to connect your Office 365 organization to an existing or new Azure Log Analytics workspace and begin to centrally monitor and alert on events occurring in your Azure AD, Exchange online and SharePoint online services. This capability for Microsoft customers can consolidate and elevate more enterprise health and security data […]

NEW TECH + DEEP DIVE: Microsoft Always On VPN is the DirectAccess replacement solution

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Always On VPN is a new Remote Access solution from Microsoft. It meets the needs of information workers using remote or roaming computers to access resources on the private corporate network. It’s known as “the new DirectAccess” because DirectAccess (DA) is no longer being developed. Always On VPN is simpler to deploy than DA, but […]

Microsoft Ignite 2018 Keynote and Favorite News

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Just attended the Microsoft Ignite 2018 Keynote presented by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. It’s interesting to observe the spectacle of such a large high-vis event. This year’s keynote was a departure from past years in terms of content, length, and presenters. It was an abbreviated, streamlined event that gave Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO an exclusive […]

Use Azure VM Run Command Script to modify the Windows Firewall

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Situation: You have an Azure VM running Windows Server that you need to access via RDP over the Internet, and you are, per best practice, changing the well-known RDP port of 3389 to a random high-numbered port. This will significantly reduce the brute-force attempts of hackers and hostile bots to break in via RDP. Problem: […]